2019 is here and so is your new found determination to get into incredible shape! Level Up Fit! Curve is here to help you with a targeted plan to do just that. Are you a busy professional woman? Do you want to lose 20-50lbs the proper way? Do you need an affordable certified personal trainer (PT) and nutritional guidance? Look no further! LUF will come to you (or you can sign up with one of our partner gyms) and provide an awesome service to reach your fitness goals! 

Here are the program details:

  • Affordable Cost - $299/mo individual, $199/mo partner each - Direct debit required
  • Women focused, 12 month program
  • Weekly workouts - 3 days per week with PT > 45 min sessions (30 min with PT, 15 min cardio)
  • Targeted nutrition suggestions
  • Free fitness consultation
  • Free materials and merchandise upon sign up!

We know that taking on the task of losing weight can be expensive and tough alone. If you do a little research, you will find similar programs to LUF! Curve are double or triple our fee. And it's a good chance you will receive only half the benefit. Curve takes away that anxiety with affordable services and flexible options. Our personable trainers, available partner workouts, and classroom component  place us miles ahead of the competition. We price our services to allow a premium, flexible product that keeps your pocket book in mind. You won't find that anywhere else! 

We are extremely excited to offer LUF! Curve to you in 2019! It's an effective program with guaranteed results when you follow the guidelines and keep your efforts strong! Our team is here to help you along the way by keeping you encouraged and supported. For more information, email us at levelupfit.com@gmail.com. Or, book online today!